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We make it simple to communicate with your non-English speaking patients.

Our translation interface is easy to use, our quality assurance strong, our delivery speedy, and our pricing fair and flexible.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Eliminate cultural and language barriers, improve patient satisfaction and compliance, and boost patient outcomes.

Accurate Translations

Avoid costly and shocking medical mistranslations and improve readability of your translation with our quality assurance process. Learn more

Request quotes, monitor the progress of your translation, and retrieve the translated versions of your documents with one click.

Reduce Translation Cost

Save money and time with our proven and efficient translation technology that keeps your healthcare content updated in any language at a fraction of the cost. Learn more

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Order our specialized medical translation service in 2 convenient and hassle-free ways.

Order Online

Swift Online Translation Service

    • Upload your document for a free translation quote
    • Control your turnaround time
    • Receive email updates on your translation project
    • Pay with your credit card
    • Download your translated documents

Managed Translation

Personalized Support at No Extra Cost

    • Ideal for translation projects with complex requirements
    • Convenient for frequent translation projects with ongoing translation updates
    • Point of contact to discuss your needs and translation service options
    • Customized agreement for future translation services